11th July 2019

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Star Award for helping an elderly lady after she took a tumble

Star Award – Damien Finnson – The Ridings, Wakefield

We enjoy regularly celebrating the continuous great customer experience our colleagues and teams deliver to our clients. Our directors also recognise that there are many more smaller efforts or actions, being carried out by our employees across our contracts each day, which all contribute to our success. To pay tribute to this, we have a new Star Award.

Our first Star Award goes to Damien Finnson who recently helped an elderly lady when she took a tumble while shopping at The Ridings in Wakefield. Damien helped the lady with her shopping bags and ensured that she was safely transported home in a taxi. The elderly lady was so thankful for his kindness that she wrote a letter after the event saying how appreciative she was that he was willing to stay with her and help her for as long as she needed. Well done, Damien: you’re a ‘Star’.