3rd June 2019

posted by AM_admin

Continued improvement brings Dragon Boat Gold!

What a fabulous day out for the AM Dragon Boat team, supported by family and friends, #OneTeamOneBoat finally tasted victory! After being 4th, 3rd and runners up over the last 3 years we pushed through into first place near the end of the race to win this year’s event. This was a great moment for our team captain Paul Nelson who brought the team together and organised the logistics for the day.

AM’s senior management are proud of the AM crew, a fine example that reflects the evolution of our business, a fantastic company with the resolve not to give up and to keep on trying. To see one of the team’s children cry because his mummy won GOLD was absolute GOLD in itself. It’s a great fun day out with colleagues and friends and we would urge any NW businesses to get involved.


Here’s the captains view of proceedings

“After 4 years we managed to bring home the gold medals having been placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th in previous attempts.

On reflecting about the day (repeatedly on Saturday night and all day yesterday) I realised that what made the win extra special was the way we managed to do it. It was, to me, a reflection of what AMSG is all about and a source of immense pride that I was able to have been a part of it.

Every single division, level and area of the business was represented – we had site-based cleaning and security, mobile road crew, head office, sales, ops management, senior management as well as ex-employees and family members all in the boat. We also had a true gender mix with more females in the boat than any other crew in the final. There was also loads of support from colleagues and family making it, as always, a great occasion for the extended AM family.

More than that the day started off badly with a few drop outs, but in characteristic style the team pulled together. Two of the final team didn’t even know they would be paddling until they turned up that morning and one was only signed up the night before! It would have been easy to take the easy route and just go through the motions accepting it wasn’t going to be our year but no one did. The atmosphere remained high throughout and there were smiles and laughs all around for the whole day.

In the face of the rain and even though we were consistently behind one other crew in the heats and the semi-final we came from behind in the final, everyone dug deep and left everything out on the water. Watching one of the videos of the final from the perspective of the finishing line you will see that we won it on the last two strokes of the race when we surged into the first place after only gaining 2nd place about 10 metres before that. That kind of grit, determination, self-belief and willingness to not give up until the end for the good of the team is a reflection in part of what makes AMSG such a great company to work in and for”


Well done Team AM, you were all superstars! Who’s up for next year’s event?