30th May 2019

posted by AM_admin

Operating well… our operations director Del McGee’s first impressions

Recently, Del McGee joined AM Services Group as operations director. In our last newsletter he told us what he thinks is great about our company and our people, and here he we asked him more about what he thinks are the ideal ingredients for operational excellence:

What is most important for achieving a great service?

Every contract needs a well-motivated team that buys into its employer’s values. And AM Services Group understands that you can only achieve a fully competent field-based team if your staff feel empowered and supported to take responsibility, demonstrate initiative and find solutions. Our company has a phenomenal management team across the regions with some real service experts who have the knowledge and experience to understand exactly how to create and maintain the highest standards of service to delight the customer.

How can customer and supplier work together to achieve an optimum service level?

The client needs to be very clear with their brief and about their expectations. It’s up to the service provider to really listen. So often issues occur as a result of a lack of communication and understanding. And once you’ve nailed the brief, then look at how you can go over and above to help the customer, add value to the contract and become a vital part of the client’s business.

What are the familiar/main hurdles in a contract and how can these be overcome?

Mobilising a contract is commonly seen as tough, especially if the lead-in time is challenging. However, I don’t believe it should be viewed as daunting, and never viewed as a hurdle. I believe it should be seen as a fantastic first chance to ‘wow’ the customer with how well you do business.

Retaining a long-term contract can also be a challenge. Having a strong team of experienced, knowledgeable ambassadors, and investing in them, alongside strong client relationships, supports business resilience when it comes to contract renewals.

How can operations work more strategically and smarter?

I’m a huge fan of innovation and that’s why I have such a great fit with AM Services Group. When I started here, the company already had ‘smart’ working methods and we’ll be seeing further investment in this area for innovation, which I’ll be helping to drive forward. We’ve really hit the ground running in 2019, having redesigned KPIs, sourced new operational delivery software and created a new staff welfare portal.

How important is good communication and team building in operations and how can this be achieved?

This is everything to me. Building a solid team is the only way you can succeed and continue to grow. Everyone needs a voice, to be listened to, to be valued, and to be able to play their part. I encourage regular communication, and this is what AM Services is all about too. We catch up daily first thing, with more regular formal management meetings on a weekly or monthly basis. We may not always talk ‘shop’, and I believe that keeping in touch and supporting each other on many different levels is essential in creating a good, strong team.