21st May 2019

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Focus on paint plant cleaning

Why choose AM Services Group’s specialist cleaning technicians for your paint plant Cleaning?

When you choose us for your paint plant cleaning, you can be assured that we have the experience, expertise and exemplary health and safety record that you need. And that is why we are trusted to provide this service to some of the biggest names, including prestigious blue chip companies like JCB, Airbus and Leyland Trucks, as well as a wide range of other businesses across the UK.

Why is it important to have regular paint plant cleaning?

Whether your paint plant is found, as these most commonly are, in the automotive and aerospace industries, or you need paint booth cleaning in other sectors where the end product requires spraying or painting before it is assembled or shipped, it is important to keep these areas in good working condition to prolong the lifespan of your asset.

Cleaning your paint booth is crucial if you want it to yield high-quality finishes.

If you’re in the automotive and aerospace industry, an engine or machine manufacturer, a garage/industrial door manufacturers or furniture manufacturer, we can help you with a regular, scheduled, professional clean by experienced technicians to deliver the following benefits:

  • a safer working environment
  • a reduction in maintenance costs
  • increased operational efficiency
  • maximised production capacity
  • increased quality control


The advantages of using a professional service for paint plant cleaning

The paint plant/booth is a critical piece of equipment. A paint plant comprises the paint booth, grids, filters, ovens and paint kitchen with wet and dry booths, depending on the paint used and the methods of collection and dispersion of the paint. While wet booths have water flowing in channels under the booth to absorb and take away the paint overspray, dry booths rely on air flow and negative pressure to remove the fumes and spray. Both booths need to be kept clean and in top condition to maximise productivity and profitability and to maintain high quality work.

AM Services Group’s highly trained and experienced technicians are equipped to complete any and all aspects of cleaning these facilities with bespoke processes, while advising on the optimum maintenance schedule. Our staff strip down and re-tack the spray booth, with a peelable coat inside the whole booth to protect the underlying metal work; clean and swap the filters in Air Replacement Plants (ARP); clean the flash off ovens that are used to dry the paint; and also clean Air Handling Units (AHU) to control airflow within a paint facility.

There are certain elements of cleaning a paint booth can potentially be very dangerous, such as working at height, in confined spaces and with gas detection. It is therefore vital that robust risk assessments are carried out, and that anyone carrying out the work has the correct training, that all the necessary protective equipment is worn, and that all the appropriate health and safety protocols are followed.

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