6th March 2019

posted by AM_admin

Metal Improvement Services contract win!

We’re proud to be working with the Metal Improvement Company in Broughton, Cheshire, part of the Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies group of companies which, as key industry leaders, drive expertise and innovation in controlled metal surface treatments.

Providing a range of washroom services, including sanitary waste, urinal care, water management systems, and air care systems we are supporting our client in saving water, and purifying and freshening the air in an eco-friendly way. We also provide a medical waste service for the first aid room and mats around the building to help MIC in its Duty of Care and to prevent slips trips and falls.

For more information and a tailor-made service contact:
Nikki Phillips: Email: nikki.phillips@amservicesgroup.co.uk 
Mobile: 07789 815387