15th October 2018

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Rising to the supervisor challenge at the University of Hull library!

Employee of the Month – Jill Talbot’s stand out professionalism

Since taking up her role as library supervisor at the University of Hull in April, Jill has worked tirelessly to help the library security team enhance the professionalism of their service. The university’s Brynmor Jones Library has over 1000 working spaces over five floors, and is run  by staff and student volunteers. Often, she has taken on the responsibility of supervising the team not only in the library but also on the campus, and in ‘The Lawns’ student accommodation block, ensuring that every hour is covered by completing the staff rota herself and calling for additional support wherever this is needed.

Jill guides the team to ensure that their work supports the university’s policies and procedures. She personally introduces newly recruited team members to the workplace and assists with their induction and training for their new role: this often results in her doing additional hours to accommodate employees working on opposite shifts.

Recently, an ominous incident in the library, involving a male student’s erratic behaviour, threw a spotlight on Jill’s professional attitude and approach. She came to the support of her two male security guards, whose presence seemed to aggravate the already agitated student, calming and diffusing the situation until external security support arrived. When the student returned to the library later that evening, having been asked not to, Jill again managed the situation in an exemplary manner; was able to collect details of the man from CCTV and his entry through the electronic turnstiles; and gave vital support to a worried female student.

Our client was more than happy to add their opinion of Jill; “for me it is essential that we have someone we can trust to deliver the standards we expect in the library at all times. Jill certainly carries our values and executes the service we seek. Jill has shown herself to be strong and resilient.”