5th September 2018

posted by AM_admin

Wythenshawe Town Centre team are actively dementia-friendly

Wythenshawe security & cleaning teams learn about dementia

All the Staff at Wythenshawe Town Centre including all Security and Cleaning are now Dementia-friendly. This is important because: Dementia-friendly communities are vital in helping people live well with dementia and remain a part of their community.

Too many people affected by dementia feel that society does not understand their ongoing condition, its impact upon their lives or how best to interact with them. That’s why people with dementia sometimes feel they need to withdraw from their community as the condition becomes more acute. In fact, over a third of people with dementia told us recently that they have felt lonely.

More than a quarter of carers we surveyed also said they felt ‘cut off from society’.
This isn’t okay. People affected by dementia still have an incredible amount to offer to their community. If appropriately supported, they can continue to play an active and valuable role even years after diagnosis.