21st September 2018

posted by AM_admin

No drop in cleaning standards even when faced with adversity

Team of the Month – Chemoxy stick together through sad times 

Raymond Pugh and Alan Lancaster are featured in the image; other team members include Bhaga Singh, Darren Spence and Jason Dover

The team have really impressed over May & June in addition to the previous months’ performance. However, this nomination is to recognise many thanks to them over the past 60 days during a difficult time.

Despite the really shocking and sad news of the unexpected passing of John Byrne, they have continued to work as unit to support the site, working closely with the relief teams and making arrangements to ensure they all swapped duties to cover the site in a difficult time. Without question or complaint, they all stuck together in the “one team one goal” ethos of the business and helped each other with cover, regularity cancelling plans and days off to maintain consistently high service to both AMSG and the client.

This often left them stretched though without any resultant drop in standards and they continued to deliver some quality customer service.
As above, it makes you proud to have a great team there who will step up and assist in the difficult moments.