12th September 2018

posted by AM_admin

Meet the Team – Zoe, helps AM reach high SIA standards

This month we introduce you to Zoe Atkinson who has been brought in to support the growth of the company and has taken ownership of the security division administration (including SIA licencing). She also ensures that recruitment processes are complete whilst also ensuring that the AM vehicle fleet is fully documented.

Zoe brings a whole new level of organisation to AM and always works with a smile on her face.

Can you describe the jobs you do at AMSG?
I am part of the business support team at the AM Head Office in Heysham. The job that takes up most my time is based around the security employees. Each security new starter must go through a vetting process to meet GDPR. The security staff must have a valid SIA licence and so it’s important that all licences are renewed and monitored. I have recently purchased a machine and software to make ID cards so that each staff member has their own AM Services Group ID card. With 250+ plus security guards you can see why this takes up a lot of my time!  

What aspect of your new role do you enjoy the most?
Definitely all the security work. It’s vital that nothing is ever missed and I love the importance of it.

How do you motivate others?
Positivity is key.  There is nothing less motivating than a negative work place.
Acknowledgement and praise when someone has done well is a great thing to see and receive.

What is the most important thing you have learned in the last ten years?
10 years ago I was 12! Wow, that has taught me to not wish time away.               
Take every day as it comes and if you’re not happy about something, change it.

How do you define success and how do you measure it?
Success for me isn’t how much money you make or how many friends you have; it’s about being content with what you have. Setting goals and reaching them is a success no matter what.

What do you do outside of work?
I have recently bought a house with my boyfriend which is really exciting so at the moment I am spending a lot of my time stripping wallpaper and all the other glamorous jobs that come with decorating. I love nothing more than a drink with my friends and days out with my family, I have a niece and nephew who I can’t get enough of!

Tell us one interesting fact about you that we might not know.
Up until I moved out I had lived on my family Dairy farm my whole life. I absolutely loved my childhood on the farm and I think it has taught me to work hard as I watched my mum and dad work around the clock every day of the week.