29th August 2018

posted by AM_admin

Meet the Team – Myfanwe, ready to maximise AM efficiency

This month we introduce you to Myfanwe, our new finance manager. In our regular “Meet the Team” article, we get to know what her makes her the ideal person to help take care of the pennies here at AM Services Group.

Can you describe the jobs you do at AMSG?
As finance manager, I am responsible for co-ordinating the smooth running of the financial activities to ensure maximum efficiency within the business. Recently, I have been concentrating on monitoring and interpreting cash flows to enable me to predict future trends. This helps to support business resilience as we move forward.

What aspect of your new role do you enjoy the most?
Every day is a new and exciting challenge. With the growth of the company and our expanding new client list, it is an exciting time and very stimulating to be part of the AM Services Group right now. And the people are just great: all the staff have made me feel extremely welcome. 

How do you motivate others?
Motivation is key to happy employees and a happy workforce. A small “thank you” can go a massive way to help motivate the team. Being able to develop your skills and knowledge within a business is very important and helps not just the individual’s personal goals but also supports the company goals too. I have a BBA in Business Management Degree from Lancaster University Management School. My dissertation here focused on motivation in the workplace, so it will be great to bring my academic skills and apply them within AM Services Group.

What is the most important thing you have learned in the last ten years?
Treat people with respect. Every day is a school day as there is much to learn and absorb. Organisation is key to success; I find it vital to be organised so that I can ensure my job is carried out to the best of my ability.

How do you define success and how do you measure it?
I like to feel I have made a difference when I come to work. For me, success is about doing my job well and saving the company both time and money. For me to be successful, the team needs to feel empowered to achieve both our individual and our team goals. 

What do you enjoy outside of work?
In my spare time I enjoy baking cakes and home made treats. I also enjoy watching British Super Bikes and attending super car meetings. My family is very important to me, and spending time with my young nephews is always a pleasure.

Who inspires you?
My dad is my role model! He’s has a great worth ethic. I want to succeed to make him proud.