20th July 2018

posted by AM_admin

A quality list of nominees for our regular Employee of the Month awards

What an incredible response we had for a recent employee of the month awards, the judges were astounded with the quality of the staff who had been nominated! We just had to share their stories with you!

Nisar Ahmed – Wythenshawe Town Centre

Nisar always goes above and beyond the call of duty; is always willing to cover other client sites at short notice to ensure that service goes uninterrupted; and always remains very professional, doing a great job wherever he works.
When calls were taken in the early hours from two staff members at two different client sites who were unable to attend work due to sickness, Nisar not only covered one of these himself, but also collected his son Ibrahim Ahmed, who also works with AM Services Group, and dropped him off at the second site. This is just one example of Nisar’s consistent can-do attitude.

Shakeeb Masood – Recipharm

Shakeeb has a fantastic attitude every day when he comes to work and is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is always willing to help in any way that he can, covering shifts and helping the client out to make sure that things run as smoothly as possible on site. Shakeeb is always willing to go the extra mile to help the business and recently ably assisting during a prospective client visit to Recipharm which resulted in a new contract award for the company. His attitude, professionalism and all-round pleasant manner mean that praise is top of the agenda whenever his work is being discussed.

Bhaga Singh – Chemoxy International

Upon returning from a routine perimeter patrol, Bhaga discovered a vehicle parked immediately outside of the main gates during out of hours lock down. After investigating, as far as possible, from within the site, Bhaga correctly phoned the site control room for support to investigate further, rather than putting himself and the site at risk.
With assistance, Bhaga checked the vehicle and found it to be still very warm on the bonnet. After checking the gates and perimeter, he returned to the gatehouse and noticed a light on in one of the buildings on site. Upon further investigation, the situation was found to be non-threatening or dangerous but this vigilance and consistency of procedure is exactly what AM Services would expect for a Tier 1 COMAH site.
Client comment: ‘Whilst this may not seem that significant, this is exactly the response that we need.’ – Tony West – Chemoxy International

Dave Myatt – Toyota

In the lead up to a high-profile audit for the client, Dave took ownership of the complete clean and tidy of the security control room. The effort he put in was substantial, and the difference in the control room has triggered a number of very positive comments. The working environment for all security guards is now a much brighter, cleaner and more welcoming place to spend time in.
Dave’s initiative has created a professional space and a very positive image. The improvement to systems has helped to achieve a successful result in a high level quality audit.  He has even expressed his desire to repaint the control room over a weekend, when the site is quieter, to revitalise the place as the first point of contact for many staff and contractors.

Phil Townsend – Farnworth Shopping Centre

Phil has never had a day off sick, nor has he been late for a shift. In fact the client has reported that he even turns up early! The client St Modwen has also stated that Phil always goes above and beyond in his role, helping the shopping centre in ways that are beyond his job role.
The centre is always pristine and Phil always has a smile on his face. He is very respected by the client and tenants alike.
The client Claire Munro of St Modwen has said that she would love for Phil to be recognised for his hard work and professional and positive outlook at all times.