6th June 2018

posted by AM_admin

We asked Sam Rhodes a few questions in our latest Meet the Team article

Meet the Team – Sam Rhodes climbs the AM ladder

Sam has shown an impressive appetite to learn, he is a leading example of how you can develop and evolve your career here at AM Services Group, Sam has recently been promoted to a contract manager after coming through the ranks and learning on the job. You will see why when you read his answers…

How do you motivate others ?

Treat people kindly – as a leader I treat the people helping me with the utmost respect and kindness. I hand out praise when it’s warranted. This is a big motivation booster as people enjoy knowing they’re doing a good job. 

Be a good listener – no one likes to feel like they don’t matter, and people enjoy making a difference. By listening to people’s ideas, I will be motivating my team to come up with solutions and creative ideas. 

Get to know people – I get to know them on a personal level. People appreciate a leader that cares and this will show in their work. 

What is the most important thing you have learned in the last ten years ?

Hard work Pays off – I put 100% into everything I do and I believe this attitude has got me into the position I’m in today. 

How do you define success and how do you measure it ? 

I am very goal orientated and like to exceed what is expected of me. I work to reach those goals no matter what. I may encounter setbacks or obstacles, or I may make mistake,s but I always try to adjust and improve my work habits so I can reach my goals. I consider success to be when I reach my desired outcome. 

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy reaching and exceeding the goals I have set for myself and watching others grow and become leaders under my guidance. 

Can you Describe the jobs you do at AMSG?

It is my job to make sure all my sites run smoothly at all times. I do this by making sure all colleagues are happy with work and on a personal level. Happy employees make for happy clients. I resolve any issues quickly and effectively and make sure all colleagues are working to the company ethos ‘One Team One Goal’.