9th May 2018

posted by AM_admin

High quality machine cleaning protects equipment and people at Cubis

Smooth operator

Our team recently impressed the Process Engineering Manager for Cubis Systems by delivering an excellent standard of cleaning service to support the smooth running of the company’s industrial machines.

Cubis products are manufactured from glass reinforced polyester (GRP) and contain polyester resin, glass fibre and calcium carbonate. Our specialist technicians were asked to support by cleaning a number of machines at the company’s Biddulph production site in Staffordshire. Such positive feedback was received for this that, even while the team was carrying out the original contracted work, they were also asked to carry out additional moulding machine cleaning at the Cubis manufacturing site in Liverpool.

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Safety and quality are our top priority

Going above and beyond when it comes to safety is important to our qualified teams who were fully equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and trained in the very latest safety procedures. High level cleaning work was carried out from mobile scaffolding or cherry pickers to clean the tops of the machines; all scaffolders and MEWP operators were highly trained; and technicians wore full protective suits and breathing masks.

The same exacting standards were applied to the cleaning of the machines. A thorough internal clean of the machines, rather than just external panels, was carried out with all parts, except the motor, being vacuumed, sprayed and wiped down.

Protecting assets and respecting people

The technicians’ extensive experience and expertise enabled them to carry out the work in the optimum time with the most efficient and effective service to ensure that the job was done to the highest standards. The Production Manager for compression and injection operations at Cubis in Liverpool, Ian Scott, commented that AM Services Group did: “an excellent job. They were very patient and worked around our production needs. All the operators were very courteous and showed respect for our site rules.”

And Process Engineering Manager Mark Cooper from Cubis, who is committed to a long-term, regular, top quality cleaning schedule to protect the life of valuable machinery and to create a better and safer working environment for staff added: “I would recommend the team to work on similar equipment as they carry out such a thorough job.”

Why not take a look at the case study we have for this client: CLICK HERE