9th March 2018

posted by AM_admin

Robert Wall is a perfect team member, always ready and willing!

Employee of the Month: Robert Wall – Burton Place

Robert is a part-time cleaner as well as a site support security officer. He’s a very valued member of our small team at Burton Place, is always happy to step in at very short notice and has been a massive benefit to the centre when he gladly takes up the role of covering extra security duties to cover site contractor work being carried out – even outside the centre’s normal opening times.

Burton Place Centre Manager, Glenn Fowler added “Rob is a very valued member of the small team at Burton Place and not only is it of great benefit to the site when taking up the roll of covering security duties. This is also of great help to AM Services in them having supplied external support on very rare occasions and in fact this has only been the case for one day during the last two years.”

Well done for your award – well and truly deserved.

Other nominees were Mike Peak from Cargill, Trafford Park and Veronica David at David Brown Santasalo who were also both fantastic candidates in a close decision.