8th December 2017

posted by AM_admin

It’s the Worksop Light Up A Light & Scunthorpe Christmas Lights Switch-on time of the year again!

Last month saw annual seasonal events at two of our shopping centre clients over in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. Both The Foundry and The Priory teams were thanked for their help in making sure that the two events were a success. David Aunins, the Centre Manager at both locations, was truly grateful for all the work the AM teams carried out and was keen that the both received the recognition they deserved – well done to you all; this was a significant example of our “one team, one goal” ethos in action!

At The Priory at Worksop, the Christmas lights were switched on by Ashley Peacock (Stephen Arnold) from Corrie and alongside him was the local radio station. David made sure we knew what the team had been up to when he said, “In all seriousness, I couldn’t do this event without the whole Priory teams involvement. Whilst I might arrange the event, they always go the extra mile in terms of making sure this event is a success. Each year we always take on board learning elements in order to improve and tweak how we manage the event the next year; this means when it comes down to the day itself I can focus on my role as CM, as I can rely on everyone to do the bit they need to do.

“In terms of going the extra mile. For example, Matt was on duty when the lights were installed so that he (and as a consequence I) were confident that the switch-on would work. This year we added an extra cleaning shift for the afternoon so that we had someone on hand to clear up rubbish left after the switch-on. This gave us an additional body from a fire and life perspective during this year’s event which from my perspective was the smoothest-running light switch-on to date – and it’s all down to Matt and his team.”

Meanwhile at The Foundry in Scunthorpe, Team AM were equally as important ensuring the smooth running of the highly-attended event.  This was the 19th annual MacMillan Light Up A Life service here and was run by MacMillan Cancer and hosted by The Foundry team. This event traditionally serves as a precursor to Christmas and is the launch event for The Foundry. Over 700 people regularly attend the communal ticket-only remembrance event held in Clock Square, including dignitaries from MacMillan and the Mayor of North Lincolnshire. The event features live performances from local choirs and musicians mixed together with displayed images of loved ones lost. It culminates with the tree being illuminated, with each sponsored light commemorating one of those being remembered.

To facilitate the evening the team built and dismantled a stage, organised the sound crew, set up and took down 650 chairs, instigated a licensed road closure, manned the entrances to the square to prevent non-ticket access –  and all in the space of three hours! As always, the event ran smoothly and professionally.

David Aunins, centre manager at The Foundry, concluded, “This really is a hands-on operation and James and I couldn’t do this without the help of Kevin, Andy, Mike, Kath and Sarah. Please can you ensure they receive the appropriate recognition they deserve?”

One Team, One Goal!