22nd November 2017

posted by AM_admin

Understand how your personal preferences impact on others!

The majority of the AM team administration, sales and operations staff attended a brilliant workshop in the Business and Conference Centre at Lancaster and Morecambe College. Having already completed a personal profile analysis tool prior to the session, it was all about finding out things you never knew about yourself and they can impact your job and your colleagues. In the workshop there were investigations of how to interact with people who profiled in a different way to oneself.

All attendees were assigned a colour for which the answers given as part of the profiling process placed them in specific colour groups which were uncannily precise and exceptionally true to life. The colour groups were Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue. All the participants spent time developing an understanding of the traits of the group to which they belonged and getting to grips with understanding and relating to the other colour groups, the types of people in those groups and learning how to identify their respective strengths and weaknesses

Feedback from the participants was that the session was a great way to understand and adapt their own behaviour when interacting with colleagues who were in the other colour groups. Team building with a difference!