10th November 2017

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We’re Toilet Twinning at AM Services Group for World Toilet Day #BigSquat

Currently there are 4.5 billion people living in the world without a household toilet to safely dispose of their waste. World Toilet Day is all about inspiring action to tackle the global sanitisation crisis.

By 2030, the Sustainable Development Goals aim to reach everyone with sanitation & halve the proportion of untreated wastewater & increase recycling & safe reuse. For billions of people sanitation systems are either non existent or ineffective which helps disease spread, meaning that progress in health & child survival is massively undermined.

Here at AM Services Group we want to do our little bit to help. We are going to do this by getting involved in Toilet Twinning. Toilet Twinning are aiming to twin 700 toilets over the weekend of World Toilet Day & we want to twin ours but for this we need your help!

Why get involved with Toilet Twinning – here is Ericane’s story: Ericaine and her children fled when militias destroyed their home in Central African Republic. Ericaine was pregnant and later gave birth in the bush, alone and terrified.

For three years now, they’ve been living in a displacement camp. At first, conditions were terrible and disease spread fast. Now, thanks to a project supported by Toilet Twinning, the camp has proper toilets and clean water, and its residents have learnt about hygiene.

We will be getting involved in the #BigSquat. Each day on the run up to World Toilet Day we will be posting photos of our team taking part in the #BigSquat. We are asking you to share our photos to raise awareness across all or social media platforms, it would be even better if you could join in with the #BigSquat & share photos of you & your team doing the same! To encourage you to spread the word & raise awareness we will be Twinning our Toilet. If we get 50 shares we will twin our loo with an impoverished families latrine, if we could get 100 shares we will twin our loo with a block of toilets for a displacement camp. Please join us & get involved – we are looking forward to twinning our loo & if you would like to twin yours just follow the link to see how: https://www.toilettwinning.org/what-we-do/

We are twinning our loo – we need your help. Please share to help raise awareness over the week.. 50 shares we twin with a latrine for a family or 100 shares we will twin with a block of toilets for a displacement camp

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