24th July 2017

posted by AM_admin

Open Invitation to run for AM! We are looking for volunteers!

ARE YOU UP FOR A CHALLENGE? We are looking for members of the AM team to run a leg of the Yorkshire Corporate Marathon in York on Sunday 8th October 2017. 

We are looking for any AM staff who love to run or like a challenge, we need six members from across our group, from administrators to managers and cleaners to directors, who are willing to wear the AM vest for the day.
You know the motto, ‘One Team, One Goal’!

The relay sees teams of six from businesses, associations, sports cubs or just friends. You will experience the incredible atmosphere of a marathon while tackling shorter, more manageable distances. The route takes you through the beautiful and ancient street of York. – Visit the Yorkshire Marathon Website

The relay distances vary, making the run accessible and fun for runners of all abilities.
Distance of each leg: A = 4.8 miles, B = 6.1 miles, C = 3.2 miles, D = 4.1 miles, E = 5 miles and F = 3 miles.

Please let us know if you want to be considered for the team –  (please email: nick.race@amservicesgroup.co.uk)

Who we are supporting and why?
We are taking part to support of the fantastic ophthalmology team for Sheffield Hospitals Charity because they helped to save our colleague’s sight. Our target is £1000; any help towards reaching our target will be appreciated. Go on – you know you want to!

Find out more at our JUST GIVING page – HERE