10th May 2017

posted by AM_admin

Meet Ian Noble, Business Development Executive at AM

What is your role at AM Services Group?
I am a Business Development Executive within the Sales team at AM Services Group. I am responsible for developing new business for the group across all of our service lines including Cleaning, Security, Industrial Cleaning, Washroom and other Facilities Management Services.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?
The best part of my job is meeting new people from all walks of life. Getting to know them, understand them and ultimately make their lives easier with what we have to offer. It’s great when you can be a complete stranger one minute and the next you have a business relationship and regular contact with someone you never would have met. For a client to go out of their way to show my new potential clients around their sites, give you references and refer you to other colleagues and contacts gives me great satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

What do you like most about working for AM Services Group
The most important thing for me in sales is that I believe in what I sell. Clients ultimately want to have the service they were promised. At AM that is a reality, and it stems from the closeness of our Operations and Sales teams. We are a very close-knit group and try and help each other wherever we can. An example of this was a client that needed a contract to be mobilised in a week and a half, I didn’t promise we could deliver, but instead called my operations director who said it was difficult but we can and we will. The lack of red tape, the operational ability and flexibility to react is what sets this business apart. You couldn’t ask any more from your operations team as a sales person.

What are your long-term motivations in a company or a position?
My ultimate aim is to be a Director and run my own Sales Team one day. But my immediate plans are to continue to grow as a sales person, learning and developing my skills. I want to see AM Services Group continue to grow and I want to continue to grow with it.

What do you enjoy outside of work?
Outside of work I love playing and watching football. I’m a big Leeds United fan and hopefully in my lifetime I will see Leeds United in the Premiership and England win a World Cup or the Euros! I am aware I probably have more chance of signing for Barcelona myself than either of those happening, but we can live in hope!