20th April 2016

posted by AM_admin

Home Education with a Difference for Foto!

It’s brilliant when you find a secret about a member of staff, it came to our attention that after a months break in December in the Congo, his home country. Foto Lufakalyo has been sending a large percentage of his wage to the children of his home village to ensure that they receive an education in School.

Foto Lufakalyo has worked at Chemtura, Trafford Park for just over two years. Here is a picture of Foto and his supervisor, Alan Horridge.

He was transferred by TUPE last March when we took over the contract. Foto is a full time cleaner on the site and his professionalism and friendly personality has made him very popular with the client and all other staff on the site. 

earned wages to the village of Bukaru in the Congo to twenty children, age ranges from 9 to 12 yrs old. He will continue to do this until the children have completed their education. The children have to walk to School every day, Monday to Saturday, which is about half an hour away from the village. The School day is split into two sessions, one from 08:00 to 12:00 then 13:00 to 17:00. The funds that Foto sends pays for stationery etc. He was born in the village and understands how difficult it is to find funding for education so he helps in anyway that he can. Whilst he was there throughout December he met the children, the teachers and some of the children’s parents. He will return in 2020 to see their progress. A truly inspirational story, we’re very proud of Foto here at AM Support.