18th January 2016

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David Rasul from Lucite, Darwen – We help our staff to Develop and Progress!

David Rasul works for AMSS at the Lucite Darwen site, he has shared his thoughts on how he has progressed professionally with AM. 

David’s take on his opportunity! “My Past” 
“I have been in the security industry for over 15 years. Before starting for AM Support Services I worked as area manager for several companies in the security industry. The main areas I worked were on the door supervisor side and static security including some high risk sites.
In November 2010, I started working for AM Support Services based at Lucite International as a member of the day team. This was a new experience for me as I was carrying out other duties as well as security. During my time working on the day shift, I looked at ways to further my career with AMSS, I wanted to enrol on relevant courses and become a trainer within the company. When I decided how I could do this, I spoke to my line a manager, Steve Wyatt, who referred me to the Operations Director, Greg O’Brien who was fully supportive of my request and appreciated my hunger to develop, we met and came up with possible avenues to help my progression within the company. Steve and I started looking for courses.”

“My Present”
“Having recently moved from day team to the night team I have engaged in even more skills and taken on different responsibilities. 
Steve and I looked at a variety of relevant courses available and after discussing this with the training provider and Greg, we elected to go for a leadership and management course. In April 2015 I started the CMI Level 3 in leadership and management which I passed with flying colours. This course has given me a whole range of new skills, from the insight into how a company runs, to how to manage and motivate a team. I also have a greater understanding of what a manager has do do in their working day and how to deal with problems and complicated tasks. I’m proud to have been given a fantastic opportunity to look at different ways I can develop within AMSS. In a later meeting with Steve and Greg, they promised to continue to support my development and discussed what my next steps are in my leadership and management journey. In the meantime I won’t be resting on my laurels, while I carry on with my personal development plan I take every opportunity to increase my responsibilities and help Steve in many different aspects of the job. I have noticed my newly acquired skills have enabled me to assist at the site during a difficult periods of manning which helps take pressure of my line manager.”

“My Future”
“In the near future I want to increase my responsibilities and start the next level of training. This will give me the skills required so I can continue on my management journey, I would love to acquire the skills and experience to enable me to become a trainer within the company but my main goal at present is to pass my training and move forward with in AM to the next level.”
Greg added “It’s a real tonic when a member of the team approaches me and they are truly interested in developing as a person and a employee, this is great for AM and for their own prospects too. We’re happy to support other people develop within AM, ask your contract manager if you think you have what it takes to grow with AM, the challenge is there!”. One Team, One Goal