18th December 2015

posted by AM_admin

A look into the role of an AM Support Services Contract Manager – introducing Deborah Mudd

We kick off our new feature this month with Deborah who is a keystone of the AM family. With many years service she is the go to person for many staff members!

We asked Deborah a few questions:

How long have you been with AM? “I joined AM in March 2008″

What is your role? “I am one of the contract managers at AM Support, overseeing cleaning and security services in the Manchester, Yorkshire and North East regions.”

Can you describe the jobs you do? “Oh, I do lots. I Recruit, discipline, and support staff and site supervisors, It’s also my role to meet with clients either weekly or monthly depending on thier requirement. Amongst other things I do are auditing cleaning standards, ordering stock and ensuring all budgets are met, P.A.T. testing,  on-site monthly training and I complete all the timesheets at the end of every month.”

What experience you have that make you successful in your job? “I have worked in the cleaning industry for over 20 years, as an operative and as a manager. This enables me to pass on my considerable knowledge I have from all my experience. This helps me make sure that every contract runs extra smoothly with my guidance and support along with the relationship that’s built by myself and operatives.”

What motivates and drives you professionally? “I love winning a new contract and seeing a massive improvement in a short period of time gives me a feeling of achievement. Then maintaining that standard to ensure we hold on to a contract which is a real team effort for all involved.” 

AM Operations Manager, Paul Nelson added: “Deborah is a personable, highly professional and accomplished Contract Manager. She uses her extensive knowledge within the industry to great effect, setting clear and challenging standards for her cleaning and security teams. She delivers training, advice and guidance while constantly seeking out new or better ways of working so that the client always receives a first class service.”