6th March 2015

posted by AM_admin

Deborah passes Level 2 Award SIA Door Supervisors Training

We are delighted to report that after lots of hard work over a 4 day period (40 hours) Deborah Mudd (Contract Manager) has sucessfully achieved the SIA level 2 Door Supervisors Training award. She was one of the 9 people who passed the course out of a group of 18 which makes the pass even more special!

The door supervisor training course has taught Deborah lots of key skills for all areas of security and safety on the door, mainly at venues where alcohol is sold such as night clubs and pubs. This further develops her portfolio of skills that she already has, including her invaluable experience in both cleaning and security.

The course covered many subjects about door supervision and safety such as knowledge on the laws governing licensed premises, health & safety, emergency procedures and dealing with conflict that may arise with members of the public.

Well done Deborah!