10th February 2015

posted by AM_admin

99% Customer satisfaction!

We have recently had excellent feedback from one of our clients (a large shopping centre in the north) where we handed out satisfaction forms to the store owners! 

The feedback was very positive and many left personal messages about their great working relationship with our security team! It goes to show that it makes a big difference when our team add a personal touch to their work and are always going that extra mile! The key aspect to shop owners was the relationship between the AM security team and the Greater Manchester Police to keep the site safe and secure.

Shop owners were given the feedback sheet which had 5 brief questions as well as further comments if they wanted to add any, they then ticked if they thought we had exceeded their expectation, met their expectation or fell below their expectation. We managed to exceed the expectations of nearly everyone and nobody felt that we had fallen below their expectations! Some even went that step further and added very nice comments for all our hard work, such as “Very professional and polite”, “Great working relationship with GMP” and “Your team is a great help :)”

Well done to the team!