11th November 2014

posted by AM_admin

NVQ Apprenticeships with Ascend Training

October saw the spark of a new relationship between Ascend Training and AM Support Services.

At Ascend Training we aim to deliver a flawless service whilst catering for our client’s demands and needs with 100% perfection as our target. In order to achieve such successful results we rely greatly on the support and co-operation of the clients themselves.

Since the very start of our collaboration, Ascend have experienced a great deal of input and support from AM ‘Support’ Services. As a result of working so closely together we have created a bespoke, individually specific, fully funded, Facility Management Apprenticeship which we are in the process of rolling out to a total of 72 members of staff so far.

The apprenticeships range from level 2 to level 3 and cover subjects such as; Health and Safety, Customer Services, Security, Cleaning, Waste Management  and Staff Management. The apprenticeships are extremely useful tools, for the learner to aid professional development, for the company as a whole which gains accreditation and for the end customer whose level of service will increase as the industry specific training is provided.

With our access to Governmental funding and our industry specific training team we are not only delivering accredited Facility Management NVQ’s and Diplomas to the AM support team but also Food Hygiene courses for those staff that requires them. This effective working together can be when catering for our client’s needs.

The deliverance of work place training is a challenging task to say the least, even more so in the facility management and waste management industries. We know this first hand due to our experience and expertise in this field, therefore client co-operation is must. The past month has shown a successful and promising start to our partnership together and it’s all thanks to the support which both Ascend and AM Support have shown each other. As in all duo’s it always takes two!

On behalf of Ascend Training we would like to thank all at AM Support Services for their outstanding contribution over the last few months. We look forward to the many months ahead of this flourishing partnership.

Aaron Larkin

Managing Director

Ascend Training