14th October 2014

posted by AM_admin

Trialling new camera system in security

Very recently we have been trialling a small camera on our shopping centre security teams throughout AM Support Services. 

This camera is another technological measure we have decided to implement into our security team to ensure their safety as well as the public. You can see a few pictures of the camera below which will be fixed onto each member of the shopping centre team’s uniform and at the touch of a button can record what is being seen and heard. The reason for this is so that if there is any disturbance at our shopping centre sites the whole incident can be recorded for evidence and reviewing of the action taken and how to prevent this in the future.

We are always looking at ways to combine technology with our services to remain innovative and attentive to our customers and staff. Using these cameras is a way that we can ensure the safety of the public as well as reviewing individual incidents that occur and identifying ways to improve.

We are sure that the trials will be a success and look forward to using them in all aspects of our security locations.