28th October 2014

posted by AM_admin

Brilliant feedback from Lancaster CityBlock!

Recently we have had some very good feedback from our clients CityBlock in Lancaster, who offer student accommodation. The feedback comes from students in the CityBlock 1 and CityBlock 2 locations.

We always like to see feedback from our clients and reward our staff for going the extra mile and being singled out as doing a particularly good job. Below are a few quotes from the complimentary email about the cleaners at the CityBlock 1 and 2 locations:

“Cleaners- they are a pleasure to be around and chat to. They go out of their way to make sure they dont interrupt the tenants living”

“They are highly approachable and really seem to like their job and have a positive attitude- generally a really good representative of CityBlock‚Äôs values”

“Cleaners- whenever I bumped into them they were always lovely and friendly”

“They were always really helpful if I had any questions and handled everything in a very friendly and professional manner”

We would like to congratulate the cleaners in CityBlock 1 and 2 for their hard work and for being such a good representative for AM Support Services. Well done!