24th July 2014

posted by AM_admin

Spring Clean your Refrigerator!

Refrigerator Cleaning

Refrigerator Cleaning

Being a cleaning company ,like we are, we are always looking to keep everything nice and clean! Any cleaning contracts for your business, we can help with but what about other things such as keeping the fridge clean? 

Well we are still here to help, using advice from spring cleaning 365. Maybe its your own personal fridge or a company fridge which is starting to smell bad? Don’t worry we have you sorted here with some friendly advice on how to clean it which should only take 5-15 mins. 

A bit of advice: try to do this just before going to do a big food shop so you have less food to take out for the cleaning process! Make your fridge clean and hygienic to avoid food going bad and making it smell nicer! 

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