20th May 2014

posted by AM_admin

5 tips for maintaining your security systems during bank holidays

CCTV Camera in operation

CCTV Camera in operation

During bank holidays and the summer period it can be harder to maintain your security when you are away from your premises. We have 5 simple tips on helping you keep your place of work safe and secure during these times. 

1. Check for existing faults- In the days running up to a bank holiday it is a good idea to check your site for any security faults that can help criminals gain access to your premises. Give yourself enough time to fix these faults by doing checks in advance of the impending bank holiday.

2. CCTV visibility- Ensure that your CCTV cameras have a clear view of your premises, during the summer time plants grow at a greater rate, so ensure this is not an obstruction for the CCTV. Also ensure no vehicles are blocking the view of any of the cameras.

3. Test audio systems- Alarms are a good deterrent if there is an intruder on your place of work. Running up to the bank holiday test your alarm systems to ensure they are clear and not blocked by anything.

4. Temporary key holder- If the main key holder is away on holiday or out of reach over the bank holiday make sure there is a temporary keyholder close by in case of emergencies. 

5. Stay aware- During the summer period windows and doors may be left open for staff to stay cool during working hours. Make sure that valuables are not left unattended and that at the end of the working day all windows and doors are securely locked. Thieves will be more aware of these opportunities during summer when it is warmer than usual.

We hope that these simple tips are of use to everyone and you have a very pleasant summer and bank holidays.