3rd April 2014

posted by AM_admin

NEST Auto Enrolment

Good morning everyone, 

Our auto enrolment with NEST (National Employment Savings Trust) started on Tuesday of this week, all is going well! With all companies having to start a pension scheme in the coming years we have now got it up and running and are very happy with it. NEST is very convenient for employers such as ourselves, here are a few advantages as found on the NEST website

  • is built for automatic enrolment with preset enrolment types and electronic member opt outs
  • is online and easy to use with almost all processes done through your online account
  • has no set-up charges and we keep charges low for all members
  • communicates clearly so you get fewer questions from workers
  • has an award winning investment approach with clearly labelled fund choices all at the same low charge
  • is flexible enough to work alongside an existing workplace pension scheme
  • travels with the member so you have no ongoing responsibility for the retirement pots of workers who leave your employment