Meet Richard Grundy, our General Manager for the Specialist Cleaning Division

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Richard Grundy joined AM Services Group’s Specialist Cleaning Division in 2019. Prior to joining us, his wide range of operational experience at senior level includes full service facilities management support for multinational clients such as Perkins Engines and Caterpillar. He managed an NHS Trust cleaning contract in the UK and hospital cleaning for six years in Canada. We asked him…

What experience and skills did you bring to the job/business?
I have a strong background in putting national proprietary, industrial and commercial standards in place. I believe that enhancing systems and processes serves as an essential building block for any business: they help to support a business that is growing, they enable you to stay anchored to the operational strategies of the business, and they enable employers to better support and manage staff, increasing employee satisfaction too. This was one of my priorities, to build robust processes and support standardisation across the board. Everyone in our team knows exactly what is expected of them. They are strongly harnessed together, working as ‘one team, one goal’.
This consistency of service helps to grow trust and strong relationships with clients. I have worked from both the supplier and client perspective and this gives me a great understanding of what the client is looking for.

What attracted you to work with AMSG/Specialist Cleaning?
I wanted to work with AM Services Group and to be part of what was very clearly a growing business with clear direction and strong values. This environment of success, coupled with a supportive ‘family feel’ and a strong vision for the future was somewhere where I felt I could make a real difference and have a real impact.

What is one of the biggest things you’ve learned since you started?
I’ve learned how highly technical, skilled and varied specialist cleaning is. To provide a top-notch service and to cater for the very specific, bespoke requirements of customers, experience is an essential factor. There are many variations of specialist cleaning, and some providers may be limited in their line of expertise. Experience means that you can offer new ideas and innovation, better service standards, savings in time and money, a healthier environment and higher quality tools and equipment.

What makes a great customer experience?
For me that’s easily great communication, making sure you deliver what you’re saying you’re going to and follow-up with the customer

What is most important for creating a great team?
Again, communication is key. It’s important to listen openly and honestly to your team, sharing their experiences, engaging with their ideas and involving them in the business wherever is practically possible.

What do you love about your job?
My team… I work with some great guys who are very knowledgeable about their job and sector. I also enjoy the scope to implement new ideas, to channel change and to influence, making a difference and seeing things have a positive effect on the business.