Introducing Chris Condliff, our Specialist Cleaning Technical Manager

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Chris’s expertise in specialist cleaning has been developed over 22 years. His career in specialist cleaning started rather by chance but his passion for the industry is stronger than ever. He enjoys embracing new technology and enhanced Health and Safety developments, and loves working with dedicated and committed teams to ensure clients get the optimum outcome from working with AM Services Group Specialist Cleaning… find out more… 

How did you start working in specialist cleaning?

I originally started working in specialist cleaning to make some money whilst I was studying IT at college. Once I had qualified as a network IT technician, I found that the job I had chosen within the IT world didn’t suit me. Whilst doing this job on weekdays, I had been continuing to work for Cleanex specialist cleaning at weekends. So, when I was approached by the company owner of Cleanex to come and work for him full-time as a stop-gap until I found another job in IT, I took the opportunity. I agreed to stay for three months to help him out of a busy period. Some 22 years later Cleanex has become AM Services Group Specialist Cleaning, I’ve honed my skills through my extensive experience, developed my career within the business, and am delighted to still be here.

What have been the most significant changes in your industry since you started?

There has been a massive advancement of technology in cleaning tools: things like dry ice blasting and ultra-high pressure jet washing were things I hadn’t even heard of back in 1999.

The technology in the spaces that we work in and around has developed so much also that our working methods have become much more intricate, detailed and sophisticated.

It’s good news that that there is an ever-increasing focus on high standards of Health and Safety and that this continues to develop, again supported by technology and process. Where we used to erect scaffolding, we have machines (MEWPs) to reach heights in the most difficult of spaces so that we can complete the task safer and faster.

It’s been rewarding to have been able to continue our work over the years with our prestigious clients and to have been able to support them in introducing and maintaining safe working systems.

What do you most enjoy about your work?

I love being presented with, and overcoming, challenges. When a customer says it’s a problem, or it can’t be done, I enjoy coming up with a method or system of cleaning that successfully completes the task, and makes sure the customer is happy.

What is most important to clients when working with a specialist cleaning company?

That they are supported in achieving high standards. We continually work to the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring that our client’s objectives are met, and that we provide added-value through our service. We work to ensure that our clients are happy with their service, they trust us and have faith to come back to us for more work when they need it.

What, for you, makes great team work?

It’s important for me that our people work together and share the same high standards and values – people who will support the requirements of the customer and work hand in hand to get the job done to the highest standard.