High Pressure Jet Washing

What can high pressure jet washing do for your business? (Download Case Study)

Dirt and unsightly accumulation of moss, algae, mould, slime and other waste that has attached to paths, driveways and paving, car park areas, exterior walls, roofs and fencing  – and even inside on, for example, waterproof flooring – looks unsightly and can detract from your company’s professional image.

Not only that, they can be dangerous, especially when wet, and expose your business to risk, should a member of staff, visitor or customer slip and injure themselves on your premises as a result. The longer you leave dirt, moss and waste, the more stubborn they can be and take longer to remove.

A regular maintenance programme, that includes high pressure jet washing carried out by a professional team, can protect your people and property. Removing unsightly materials can prevent your premises from becoming shabby and protect its value.

High pressure jet washing can also be used if your building had been vandalised with graffiti and you need an effective and fast cleaning solution to remove this or if you have a problem in a tricky area, such as blocked drains.

Why using a professional service for high pressure jet washing reduces your risk

Carrying out high pressure and ultra-high pressure jet washing carries a substantial risk. These methods, while highly effective for cleaning, without the right training, experience and PPE can cause acute personal injury and is high risk – through skin penetration, back thrust, fatigue and even the loss of limbs – to the person carrying out the task and bystanders.

Safety when carrying out high pressure jet washing also includes proper care and inspection as well as proper operation of equipment.

A professional specialist cleaning company, such as AM Services Group Specialist Cleaning, will ensure you are backed up by robust risk assessments, method statements and COSHH

Why choose AM Services Group’s specialist cleaning technicians for your high pressure jet washing?

Our specialist cleaning technicians are experienced in carrying out high pressure jet washing and trained to do this to the highest standards of quality and safety. They have:

  • experience of providing this service to a wide range of customers, including blue chip companies.
  • access to full and appropriate PPE, latest technology and high quality equipment to provide the very best outcomes
  • an exemplary safety record and a high level of accreditation – all you would expect, and more
  • the capacity to deliver the service nationwide 24/7service to meet client needs
  • We can offer this as a stand-alone service, or as part of an integrated specialist cleaning and soft service solution