Foam Cleaning

What is foam cleaning? (Download Case Study)


Foam cleaning is a cleaning method where a specialist cleaning technician applies a clingy foam through a specialist lance and low pressure jet wash onto a dirty surface. Foam cleaning can be used at all levels from the ground up. It is possible to use it for internal and external cleaning of tanks, as well as floors, skylights, windows, cladding, walls and many other hard surfaces. Whilst foam cleaning is versatile, there is a need to have sufficient drainage in place to wash the foam away after it has had time to react. Experience of carrying out foam cleaning is required when working around electrical components.


There are a range of chemicals that can be applied in foam cleaning, according to their suitability to the task, the surface and the environment. This type of cleaning is particularly popular in the food preparation and processing industries for the removal of fat build up and general degreasing with chemicals that are food safe being used.


Foam cleaning can be effectively used for any manufacturing or production client with greasy or oily processes. It has wide application in industries ranging from abattoirs, meat and poultry plants, dairies and breweries and drinks producers.


To assess effectiveness, it is also possible to conduct a small test using a spray bottle prior to a full clean.


Why choose foam cleaning?


This is a particularly effective way of cleaning areas that are hard to reach as the chemical foam, applied by spray, expands and reaches into places that might not otherwise be easily accessible.


Foam cleaning efficiently cuts through grease, dirt and grime, offering a superior performance. The foam clings to vertical surfaces, preventing contamination by run-off or dripping and allowing extended contact time, again making it particularly suited to the food industry. It delivers safe and effective cleaning to meet the highest hygiene compliance requirements.


How can AM Services Group Specialist Technicians deliver real benefits with foam cleaning?

Through sanitising and deep cleaning large areas in a short time scale, this method of cleaning, delivered by experienced technicians can deliver a cost efficient service for the client. The cleaning can be carried out without the laborious set up of equipment which again saves on time and expense. The trialling of chemicals is a straight forward process and achieves excellent results with a carefully selected product and our team can help any business where machinery or pipes hinder the cleaning process.


Why choose AM Services Group Specialist Technicians?


  • they are highly experienced in providing this service to a wide range of customers, including blue chip companies
  • only the safest methods are selected and employed to achieve the highest standards of cleanliness
  • the team delivering the service are highly trained specialist industrial technicians
  • latest technology is used to provide the very best outcomes
  • the company has an exemplary safety record and all relevant accreditations
  • a nationwide 24/7service is offered to meet the bespoke requirements of the client
  • a trial can be easily set up