Dry Ice Blasting

What is Dry Ice Blasting? (Download Case Study)

Dry ice blasting uses soft dry ice, which is propelled at supersonic speed, to create mini-explosions on the surface so that any undesirable contaminant is lifted off without abrasion. The cold temperature of the dry ice creates a micro-thermal shock between the surface contaminant and the substrate, further eliminating the contaminant by cracking and delaminating it. Instead of using hard abrasive media, such as sand, plastic bead or soda blasting to impact and grind on a surface in an accelerated, pressurised stream, dry ice blasting cleans with minimal, if any, surface damage. The process is also known by several other names including cryogenic cleaning, dry ice cleaning, CO2 blasting, dry ice dusting, and even as environmentally sustainable cleaning.

Why choose Dry Ice Blasting?

The process is a non-abrasive, nonflammable and non-conductive cleaning method. There is no by-product as it is totally dry. This means that it is very versatile and can be used in a wide range of general cleaning applications. It also allows most items to be cleaned in place without the need for time-consuming and inconvenient disassembly. The unique characteristics of dry ice make it the perfect clean-in-place solution.

Where can AM Services Group Specialist Technicians deliver real benefits with Dry Ice Blasting?

The operational efficiency of dry ice can be beneficial in many different sectors, such as the food and drink manufacturing and packaging industry; in the industrial sector, particularly where paint, resins, glue, plastics or rubber are being used and made; in factories where machines, engines and tools are being used, crafted and constructed; in the printing industry with ink injection print heads; and where there is solid carbon dust such as in the foundry industry and in industrial ovens. It can be used to remove production residue, release agents, contaminants, paints, oils and bio-films and is particularly useful where waste is hardened and caked-on, where there is fire damage, in listed and historic buildings, and is especially effective for hard to reach places such as pipework areas. The process is versatile and can be as gentle as dusting smoke damage from books or as aggressive as removing weld slag from tooling.

What are the benefits of Dry Ice Blasting?

Using dry ice cleaning can result in reduced downtime, improved productivity, the extension of equipment life, improved worker safety and reduced costs.

Quicker and easier to use: dry ice cleaning can be done in significantly less time than a conventional manual process, avoiding situations that are difficult or unpopular to clean by hand with conventional methods. It helps to reduce shut-down times, as equipment can be cleaned while hot and online. Preventive maintenance or spot cleaning can also be done more frequently without impacting production.

Increasing asset life: dry ice cleaning is non-abrasive and non-conductive. It is unlikely to damage equipment and is safe for most surfaces, including electrical components. More regular, thorough and effective cleaning is an important part of a proactive asset management strategy.

Improved health and safety: dry ice cleaning eliminates exposure to toxic cleaning materials. The process also eliminates repetitive motions of hand cleaning, scrubbing, chiselling or activities that require pounding, sanding or scraping. Dry ice, or carbon dioxide, is a non-poisonous, liquefied gas that can also be stored safely and easily at customer sites and can be used without damaging electrical or mechanical parts and creating fire hazards.

Supports sustainability: dry ice blasting is environmentally responsible and contains no secondary contaminants such as solvents or grit media. It simply disappears to eliminate the cost and concern of some more traditional methods.

Why choose AM Services Group Specialist Technicians?

• they are highly experienced in providing this service to a wide range of customers, including blue chip companies

• the team delivering the service are highly trained specialist industrial technicians

• latest technology is used to provide the very best outcomes

• the company has an exemplary safety record and all relevant accreditation’s

• a nationwide 24/7 service is offered to meet the bespoke requirements of the client