Cleaning can help to save lives

A huge thank you to our cleaning staff at AM Services Group, who are working hard, going above and beyond the call of duty, to help keep our clients and their premises safe during these difficult times during the Coronavirus outbreak.

They have a very important place providing invaluable support to our frontline workers and essential businesses and are being publicly recognised for their work amidst our current crisis.

Our cleaning teams are living AM Services Group’s believe in ‘one team, one goal’ on a daily basis and are pulling together to deal with frequently changing situations, new learning and new personal and professional experiences.

We’d like to highlight how important cleaning is to stop germs spreading and to keep you safe in your own home right now.

Different surfaces must be cleaned at different frequencies – especially places that are touched often – from door handles, where Covid-19 can stay for four plus days, to things like mobile phones, where the virus can linger on glass for nine days.

Here are some general cleaning tips from the NHS website which may help you. Stay safe.