Connected to the customer

About the client (Download Case Study)

Over the last 20 years, Zen Internet has grown from a pioneering internet service provider into a company that supports business and residential customers across the UK with a full range of data, voice and hosting services. Their state-of-the art headquarters in Sandbrook Park, an attractive leisure and commercial facility in Rochdale, reflects a pioneering brand that competes in a highly connected world.

Providing a joined-up service

Communication and connecting people was equally important when AM Services Group (AMSG) was awarded a soft facilities services contract by the client in 2009 as they moved into their new office space. Zen Internet’s office services manager needed a supplier who could streamline processes and provide a co-ordinated and cohesive approach to service provision.

Keeping the customer happy

AMSG was chosen as the company that could provide a great service to delight Zen Internet’s own staff, who number around 430, and some 500 tenants who are housed in the 150,000 sq ft premises.

To support the large in-house cleaning team, many of whom work in the evening, AMSG developed new working practices and cleaning methods, implemented a high standard staff training programme and provided top quality equipment.

The facilities team provides daily office cleaning, floor, carpet and desk cleaning, as well as all internal and external windows and washroom services and pest control. There is an on-site restaurant, which provides breakfast and lunch for the staff, where AMSG also provides periodic deep cleaning and duct cleaning.

On the same page

Zen Internet and AMSG strive to achieve top hotel standards for staff, tenants and visitors alike. They receive a high footfall of visitors from across a wide spectrum of the business world and place a great emphasis on creating a pleasant environment and a positive image. AMSG and Zen Internet’s successful partnership is based on a similar ethos. AMSG is completely committed to their ‘one team, one goal’ approach on site to ensure a high quality service that will add real value for the client, while Zen Internet believes in “happy staff, happy customers, happy suppliers.”

Benefits – 5 Star Hotel Standards, Shared Values, High Training Standards, Quality Equipment.

Services – Window Cleaning, Periodic Deep Cleans, Duct Cleaning.

“Communication is key with the AMSG team. They feel part of our business and our staff know them by name. They listen and are flexible. No need to ever ask a second time. And if they’ve got any problems they are completely transparent and will let me know straight away.”

— Lana Aldred, Office Services Manager, Zen Internet


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