Flexibility is key to success

About the client (Download Case Study)

The Lanes Shopping Centre in Carlisle attracts around 11 million customers each year. It accommodates over 70 stores under one roof, including some of the biggest names in retail such as Primark, Debenhams, Next, Monsoon, New Look, a range of specialist shops, and a 600 space Park Mark car park above the centre. It successfully meets the demands of opening seven days a week throughout the year, rising to its mantra that ‘shopping has never been easier’.

Providing flexibility and added value

AM Services Group (AMSG) and The Lanes have worked in partnership since 2013. When AMSG was awarded the contract to provide cleaning and security for the centre, management suite and car park, the team recognised an immediate need to improve service and to create a culture of customer service excellence.

A multi-skilled team ensures that the right people are in the right place at the right time to deliver an efficient and added value service. The staff step up for peak times and scale down in quieter times, as well as ensuring effective shift and absence cover. An efficient and effective security team and high quality cleaning standards ensures that shoppers visiting the centre feel safe and comfortable and are encouraged to return.

The AMSG team also provides support for fire and evacuation procedures; risk assessments; accident reporting; asbestos and Legionella awareness; first aid; checks on building, mechanical and waste management equipment; counter terrorism and health and safety intelligence.

Valuing customer and community

The AMSG team is not only happy to support The Lanes but also other city retailers and the community by promoting the Shopwatch scheme. This links retailers through an app to the police so that information can be passed quickly across the city centre.

Support is also provided for charity events and for the city centre Pride, Christmas and international events.

A strong supplier/client partnership enabled The Lanes to reach the shortlist of the ACE Awards for customer service excellence in 2016.


Benefits – Scalable service, Multi-skilled Teams, Customer Service excellence

Services – Facilities Management, Cleaning, Security

“The AM Services Group team is very much a part of our team. We work as one and take a great pride in the shopping centre. This one team approach works very well when maintaining standards and looking after our customers as part of our day-to-day activity but really comes into its own when setting up our marketing and charity events.”

— David Jackson, Commercial Director, The Lanes


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