Multi-skilled teams create efficiencies

The Lanes Shopping Centre in Carlisle attracts around 11 million customers each year, including local people, tourists and students. The centre accommodates over 70 stores under one roof, including some of the biggest names in retail such as Primark, Debenhams, Next, Monsoon, New Look and H&M plus a range of specialist shops and a 600 space Park Mark awarded car park above the centre.

When AM Services Group began working with the shopping centre, to provide cleaning and security services for the 455 thousand square foot shopping centre, the management suites and car park, it rose to the challenge of effectively mobilising the contract in just four weeks to ensure a seamless service start-up in early February 2013. The shopping centre must meet the demands of opening seven days a week throughout the year, rising to its mantra that ‘shopping has never been easier’.

Supporting a first-class shopping experience and a high quality service for numerous retailers with differing demands must be balanced with cost effectiveness for the shopping centre management team. At The Lanes, AM Services Group has met the challenge by multi-skilling its team. The staff carry out a thorough clean of the centre each morning, in preparation for the shoppers arriving, as well as delivering 24/7 security services across the whole site and access areas, and maintaining general cleaning duties during the day for all main car parks, malls, toilets, lifts, communal stairs and the perimeter of the building.

Multi-skilled teams, who are trained to meet all the elements of the shopping centre’s exacting standards, and AM Services Group’s mobile real-time reporting system ensure that the right people are in the right place at the right time to deliver an efficient and added value service. The staff are able to step up for peak times and scale down in quieter times, as well as ensuring effective shift and absence cover. The bespoke reporting system also supports the shopping centre with quickly accessible management information to support long and short term planning.

A substantial investment in equipment and technology and a strong partnership with the management team has supported The Lanes in reaching the shortlist of the ACE Awards for customer service excellence in 2016.


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