A healthy partnership continues at Recipharm

AM Services Group began providing manned guarding services to Recipharm at their Ashton-under-Lyne site in summer 2016 and, thanks to great service delivered by a fantastic team, when the contract recently came up for renewal, the security service was extended – and more… Lesley Adams, Personal Assistant for Recipharm, explained how successful the service has been: “They were very quick to understand our specific needs and pro-active in finding they right type of person to work for us.” As a result of this fantastic work, the security services have been extended for three years and AMSG was awarded an additional contract for cleaning services earlier this year. According to this very happy client, “Teamwork”, “trust” and “quality” were right at the top of the list when deciding to continue the relationship with the AM Services Group team forward into the future.

About the client (Download Case Study)

Recipharm in Ashton is one of the company’s solid dose facilities, located near to Manchester, with extensive experience in manufacturing and packaging tablets and capsules and over 50 years’ experience as a contract manufacturer. More than 115 different product codes are currently managed at the site, including solid dose, semi-solids and liquids. In a purpose-built part of the facility, with separate HVAC, sexual hormone products are manufactured.

Many European customers, as well as Canadian, Australian and South African customers, are supplied from this site. Recipharm in Ashton has been inspected and approved by MHRA (EU-GMP) and is certified to manufacture both human and veterinary drugs. The site is also accredited according to the environmental management system ISO 14001 and the occupational health and safety management system OHSAS 18001.

Supporting Recipharm

When AM Services Group took on the security services at the Recipharm site two years ago, it was particularly important that they understood the needs of the client as quickly as possible to enhance the service provision. AMSG’s extensive experience of working in this sector intuitively enabled the company to realise that the successful recruitment of high quality guards was essential. The guards needed to be SIA Licensed and first aid trained at a minimum. However, they also needed to be of the right calibre so that they could be relied upon to be consistent, committed and work together as a team to cover shifts, sickness and holiday cover

Cleaning up with additional services

So successful was the work of the AMSG team and management, that after two years, the client awarded the manned guarding contract to AMSG for another three years and also added the cleaning contract. As well providing periodic cleaning the AMSG team takes on noncontractual cleaning services four to six times a year and provides some consumables. To add value for the client, the AMSG staff have also undertaken spill kit training, new and easier to use cleaning equipment has been introduced on site, the guards report maintenance issues on their rounds, and the highly trained specialist cleaning carries out occasional jet washing services.

Benefits – 24/7 manned guarding, Cleaning.

Services – Tier One COMAH site experience, proactive contract management, quality service, value added service.

“The staff are courteous and reliable, very good at what they do, and will put their time to good use on site so that we get the best possible service and maximise the value of the contract. They are a valuable part of our team.”

— Lesley Adams, Personal Assistant, Recipharm.


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