Creating added value through long-term relationships

About the client (Download Case Study)

Lucite International is the global leader in the design, development and manufacture of acrylic based products. Its impressive ICI and DuPont heritage is further strengthened by its current ownership by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.

AM Services Group (AMSG) has been working in partnership with this leading blue chip company to provide security, cleaning and other services to two sites in Darwen since 2007. In Darwen, Lucite International’s facilities house cast sheet and composites manufacturing, including the Perspex® and Lucite® brands, and research and development.

Safety of the highest standard

The AMSG team is responsible for providing a 24/7 security service to two production plants and access control for all vehicles and staff entering and leaving the site. The large chemical manufacturing site demands the highest standards of security and safety for all employees, visitors, and contractors, and for the surrounding local community.

As well as cleaning, AMSG also provides process task work such as the weighing out of ingredients and drum rolling. While basic, this is a critical service. There is a very high degree of flexibility in AMSG’s work which is supported by
training and multi-skilling staff so that they can provide a range of services, such as grounds maintenance as and when needed. This ensures optimum use of staff time and value for money for the client.

Providing a flexible service

The ability to grow, adapt and integrate with the business has been key to the longstanding relationship with the client and has enabled AMSG to keep the contract through three successful retenders. The commitment of the team, and of the manager who has 24 years’ experience of working onsite, contributes to a strong partnership. This highlights AMSG’s ‘one team, one goal’ mantra where the site manager often steps in, helping out on the front-line to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Benefits – Fexibility, Multi-skilled Staff, Business Integration

Services – Basic Process Tasks, Grounds Maintenance.

“AM Services Group delivers high quality across a wide range of services. This can largely be attributed to the fact that they have such a good understanding of and integration with our business. This has developed over many years and as a result of very knowledgeable, willing and experienced staff.”

— Peter Weaver, Site Manager, Lucite International


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