Safety first for India Mill and its tenants

Proudly protecting Lancashire’s heritage (Download Case Study)

The former cotton mill India Mill has been transformed into a prestigious business centre. Flexible office, retail and leisure space is available to let in an established commercial area with easy access to shops and public transport. The premises house businesses working in aerospace, local government, communications and business support, and offer conference facilities, manned reception, administration support, 24 hour security and secure parking with CCTV.

Supporting the landmark business centre

A huge investment has been made into turning the dilapidated mill into an exciting and thriving business environment. AM Services Group (AMSG) is proud to provide a high quality security solution for this sought after facility, and for a building that is treasured by the local community.

AMSG helps to ensure that the premises are a safe, secure, and attractive place to work for the staff on site. The security team provides regular interior patrols, from the basement mailroom all the way to the top of the six-floor commercial building. The team also provides perimeter and exterior patrols across an extensive site and helps the client to combat unauthorised use across several car parks. India Mill has around 1,000 people on site each day.

AMSG understands that a strong, positive reputation is key. The company is experienced in providing facilities management services to the property management and corporate sector. This allows it to understand the challenges of managing the complex needs of a facility with a wide range of tenants and to give the best level of support. This leaves India Mill free to concentrate on building and maintaining its business and providing the best customer service.

Teamwork is top of the agenda

Adding value to the service, the security officers are also trained to undertake a number of other essential tasks by providing a back-up service and by reporting any health and safety issues as soon as they arise so that they can be dealt with quickly and efficiently by the India Mill staff. The team is committed to providing a great local security service. backed by high standards of training and, through the company’s ‘one team, one goal’ ethos, by extensive knowledge and experience from the company’s head office.

Benefits – Quality Service, Added Value, Highly Trained Staff.

Services – Health and Safety Support


“In the three years that I’ve been at India Mill, the AMSG security officers have provided sterling support. They are always, smart and tidy and up-to-date with latest issues. Always on the ball, they act as our eyes and ears.”

— James Kane, Building Manager, India Mill Business Centre


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