Providing a strategic service

David Brown Santasalo combines almost three centuries of gear engineering expertise with global manufacturing to serve its customer base in commodities, marine, defence, power, industrial and consumer end markets. Its major UK manufacturing plant in Huddersfield also provides the business headquarters for over 250 staff.

When AM Services Group started this contract, early in 2015, there were significant new developments taking place in the client’s business with the award of a prestigious Ministry of Defence contract, which had the potential to extend over the next ten years. AM Services Group clearly understood its clients short and long term objectives and the requirement to provide support services to meet and grow with the client’s new challenges.

AM Services Group immediately stepped up to the first challenge when just 60 per cent of the previous incumbent’s staff were transferred under TUPE and a few key positions in the security team became vacant. New robust management systems were put in place to raise standards, to create efficiencies, and to provide support for the staff, many of whom had worked there for a number of years. AM Services Group managed to achieve continuity of service and the recruitment and retention of a quality team with a high degree of knowledge and training who were equipped to work to a new set of procedures and standards.

The facilities team at David Brown Santasalo now not only fully understands the importance of their own role but is also forward-thinking in supporting the client’s developing business and the needs of their staff. AM Services Group staff receive a full programme of ongoing training to ensure that they carry out their job safely, effectively and to a high standard with a key focus on the customer experience through training in customer care.

The ‘one team, one goal’ ethos of AM Services Group has ensured that all of the original staff members and new recruits are firmly aligned David Brown Santasalo’s culture, values and future ambition.


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