Vision & Values

Welcome to AM Services Group’s Vision and Values

We’re very proud to be able to shout out about and share the development of our company’s Vision and Values – with our colleagues, the clients we deliver to, our suppliers, the communities we live and work in, and anyone else who has an interest in AM Services Group.

Our Vision and Values are of huge importance to us – they’re the beliefs upon which our business is based and our inspiration for the future –  and that’s why we’ve made a significant investment in time and resource working hard behind the scenes on these over 12 months.

Since our company started, our motto ‘One team, one goal’ has always been firmly embedded in everything we do, but we wanted to go deeper into what our culture feels like now, what our people really think about us as a company, and what we can do better going forward. We wanted the development process to represent every area and aspect of our business, and so a group of 100 colleagues from around AM Services Group was involved.

The team gave us their honest thoughts and feelings on our culture and told us what they would most like to see from AM Services Group in the future.

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Our Vision

Our Vision


Our Values

Our Values


Meet your AM Services Group Vision and Values Champions

Our team of over 20 BEAMM Champions are ready and raring to help us understand and live our Vision and Values, especially in the coming weeks as we learn more about these and you may have questions or comments you’d like to share.
The Vision and Values Champions have been appointed across all our divisions and locations so that you’ll find someone close by to talk to. They are looking forward to sharing their passion for our ‘One team, One Goal’ vision, to demonstrating how the values can be part of our everyday behaviours, and to encouraging the support and commitment of our teams for BEAMM.

You’ll be able to spot them easily, as they BEAMM with the Values and Vision logo on the back of their jacket. Don’t hesitate to take the time to chat with them… because our Vision and Values begins on paper but ends in our people. Let’s BEAMM together.