Pinnacle Group

In 2021, AM Services Group was acquired by leading provider of people-first, integrated provider of community-facing services across the UK, Pinnacle Group.

Pinnacle Group deliver, manage and maintain communities and places across a range of assets and infrastructure including multi-tenure homes, schools and universities, open spaces, public and private buildings and utilities. The organisation takes a community stewardship approach to generating positive outcomes for all stakeholders, transforming communities and changing lives for the better. Pinnacle’s acquisition of AM Services Group provides AMSG’s existing and new clients with enhanced value through wider access to technical skills and innovative service solutions.

Pinnacle Group was founded in 1994 and shares AMSG’s reputation for consistently high levels of customer service and a track record of longstanding, trusted client relationships. Across the UK, Pinnacle manages a portfolio of 80,000+  homes  and provides neighbourhood FM services to a further 300,000+ homes as well as 200+ schools and universities and over 100 public and private buildings including libraries, police stations, shopping centres and industrial plants. Pinnacle’s focus is on providing community stewardship and generating positive outcomes  for customers, partners and clients.

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