"We have won the best halls of residence award for the last 5 years. AM’s extremely high standards helped play a key part in those awards"

— Alan Proctor, Facilities Manager, Lancaster University

“The spray booth refurbishment project at BMW Oxford was carried out to the exacting standards the paint shop demands and all work was carried out in a professional and diligent way with total flexibility and cooperation.”

— Nick Perks, George Koch Sons LCC
Welcome to our new client and team members at Culimeta Saveguard

Culimeta Saveguard AM Services Group is delighted to be providing manned guarding for the global engineering and textile manufacturing company Culimeta Saveguard. With a proven record for product innovation, as well as spinning and processing high-performance technical fibre yarns, the company makes a range of specialist products for the industrial and automotive sectors. In 2013, […]


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